Student finance: your student finance questions answered

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We put your student finance questions to Student Finance England’s Nichola
Malton. Here’s what she had to say on applying, Clearing and providing

Q. When should I apply?

A. If you’ve not already applied for student
funding , you should do so now. You don’t need a confirmed university
place, you can use your first choice of course, which can be updated after Clearing .

* How
to manage your student finances from bank accounts to online

Apply now at .
If you have still to send in evidence to support your application or sign
and return your online declaration form, do it now!

Q. Do the fees change if you are selected by Clearing?

A. The fees are set by each individual university and depends on which course
you are undertaking. If you change your course during Clearing and you have
applied for student finance you can update your course details and course
fee, if your initial course has not yet started, on your application by
going online and logging into your account. If you have not yet applied
please do so as soon as possible, thanks.

Q. If I end up in Clearing and accept a place on a foundation degree how is
my student
loan affected? Because it essentially adds a year onto my course.

A. If you start a foundation year which is an integral part of your degree
course you are right it will increase the duration of your studies. In terms
of your eligibility to student finance if the foundation year is part of
your degree then you should be entitled to support for the full duration, if
you have any previous study that will need to be taken into account and
could affect your finance. If you are studying a foundation degree these are
usually two years in duration and there could be an option for you to take a
one year ‘top up’ course to complete a full degree. I hope this helps,

Q. Last I heard from Student Finance was a letter asking me to provide my
signature. Is that all for now?

A. if you have received your finance notification letter and have been asked
to complete and sign your online declaration please send this back to us as
soon as you can. This will ensure once you enrol at university or college
that your first payment can be released to you. Good luck!

Q. OK, so once I’ve sent off the signed declaration, will I receive any
confirmation, or will I just have to wait till I get to university?

A. We will not send out any further confirmation to you, however if you log
into your student finance account your status of your application will have
been updated. Remember to take your notification letter with you when you
enrol at university, thanks!

Q. Why is it that you get a lower student finance loan if you live in
London but travel to study in a university outside of London?

A. The student finance regulations set by the government specify the amount of
maintenance loan a student can receive based on the location of your
university or college. If your university or college campus is within the
former metropolitan police district you would qualify for the London rate of
loan. Thanks

Q. Where else can I find information?

For any other finance queries, Student Finance England’s helpline is open
seven days a week, from 8am-8pm every weekday and 9am-5.30pm at weekends. We
also answer queries every weekday on Facebook at the moment, with specialist
Clearing surgeries to support you with any queries you have: .

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