China News – October 10, 2012: Chinese Finance Chief Skips Japan IMF, World Bank Meetings

| November 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

In today’s NTD China News, China’s Finance Minister and top banking official have missed the IMF and World Bank meetings in Japan. After being labeled a security threat by a US Congressional report, Chinese telecoms gear maker Huawei Technologies may be excluded by the Canadian government over those security risks. Chinese democracy activist Tang Baiqiao […]

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Bank of England foresees persistently low growth

| November 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

Here are the main points to be drawn from today’s Inflation Report and accompanying Bank of England press conference. The biggest one was the Bank of England’s admission that the UK economy may be in a period of persistently low growth. This might seem like a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, but it’s not something […]

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The Bank of England has just crossed the line into straight government financing

| November 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

So now we know why the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee called a halt to more Quantitative Easing this week – it’s because the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England have concocted a backdoor way of doing the same thing. The latest little (actually quite big at a tidy £35bn) money […]

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The Bank of England is falling out of love with QE

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

Rarely has such a non-event had so big a build-up. The Bank of England has held interest rates at 0.5pc but, more significantly, it has left the stock of quantitative easing (QE) unchanged at £375 billion. Roll back just one month, and another £50 billion of QE was pinned on. A number of economists had […]

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On the NHS, the Bank of England, Europe and elsewhere, our policy-makers are treating the people like pawns

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Why was Lord Heseltine’s report so popular with politicians and commentators earlier this week? In my view, it is because it is one of the few documents produced recently by a notable figure in public life which showed originality of thought. Because its contentions were new, or at least unusual, politicians felt comfortable embracing them. […]

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RBS floats Direct Line: would you buy a used car insurer from a bankrupt bank?

| September 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

The long-awaited stock market flotation of Direct Line by RBS prompts the question: would you buy a used car – or its insurer – from a bankrupt bank? That’s not quite how the spin doctors at the taxpayer-rescued Edinburgh giant would like you to see it. They would much rather encourage comparisons with privatisation offers – such as […]

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Scotiabank wins multiple 2012 Internet Bank awards from Global Finance magazine

| September 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

Scotiabank receives top honours as best consumer internet bank and best corporate/institutional internet bank TORONTO , Sept. 4, 2012 /CNW/ – Global Finance magazine recognized Scotiabank as the 2012 “Best Consumer Internet Bank” in Canada and 19 countries, and “Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank” in 15 countries. In addition, the Bank won multiple Canadian honours in […]

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ALEX BRUMMER: Antony Jenkins’ tough job to reboot damaged Barclays

| August 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Alex Brummer PUBLISHED: 16:32 EST, 30 August 2012 | UPDATED: 02:55 EST, 31 August 2012 Rushing to judgement on anything Barclays does is always a bit tricky. Before the ink is dry on the press release, some other nasty comes crawling out of the woodwork. Indeed, the choice of Antony Jenkins as instant chief […]

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Diamond ‘threatened stability of Barclays': City regulators reject Treasury Select Committee claims that they pushed former bank boss out of his job

| August 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Simon Watkins PUBLISHED: 15:42 EST, 18 August 2012 | UPDATED: 15:42 EST, 18 August 2012 City regulators have rejected claims by the Treasury Select Committee that they pushed Bob Diamond out of his job at Barclays in a knee-jerk reaction to public fury at the Libor rate-rigging scandal. Regulatory sources said the FSA and […]

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Lloyds is latest bank to be engulfed by rates scandal as U.S. state demands evidence

| August 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Rob Davies PUBLISHED: 20:10 EST, 16 August 2012 | UPDATED: 20:10 EST, 16 August 2012 Lloyds Banking Group was last night dragged deep into the rate-rigging scandal that has tarnished London’s reputation as a financial centre. The US State of Florida revealed that it had slapped Lloyds with a legal demand for evidence in […]

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