The Intentional Parent – Financial Literacy: What Your Kids Can Learn About Money (John Lanza)

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EPISODE SYNOPSIS This week John Lanza, creator of Money Mammals, joins Greg and Tina to discuss financial literacy in children and families. The team have an in-depth and spirited discussion about what your kids can learn about money and how to manage it. Each pulls from his and her experience with their own children around the topics of spending, saving, allowance, and responsibility on the part of both child and parent. John gives insight into ways to encourage critical thinking and foster positive experiences around making, spending, saving and sharing money. GUEST BIO John Lanza is the creator of “The Money Mammals,” which has been teaching kids and families to share, save and spend smart through their award-winning products & premier credit union kids club program since 2006. ADDITIONAL LINKS, ETC. Dr. Tina Bryson’s website and book: Guest Website: EPISODE BREAKDOWN 00:00 Introduction: John Lanza 01:15 Shocking statistics. 04:00 How did Money Mammals come about and why did you create it? 08:35 How to address money without causing anxiety in children? 09:15 So how do kids determine what a smart choice is in terms of money? 10:00 In terms of saving, is that something long term, something specific, or not touched at all? 11:00 Is this just your opinion or is it backed by research? 12:00 At what age do you recommend starting an allowance? 13:00 What is your recommendation for the amount to give kids? 14:30
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