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“Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber remake LYRICS: If I was VP Finance, I’d bring in the cash flow I can handle money like you’ve never seen before Dougies take a chance and just go with the Pho I got money in my hands that I know will only grow Swag, swag, swag, on you Chillin by the fire while I’m counting by twos Everything’s on time cause nothings overdue So vote Sam Pho in three, two swag I’d like to be everything you want Hey Douglas Hall, let me talk to you If I was VP Finance, I’d bring in the dough Used for your benefit, for events where you will go I can be VP Finance, if that’s what you want Remember when voting, go with the Pho, vote for Sam Pho Tell me what you like yeah, tell me what you don’t I can solve your problems just come to Sam Pho I’m good with numbers yeah I want you to know I can raise a lot of money we’ll be drowning in cash flow Douglas, Douglas I could make you the best That will be my request if you just give me a chance Making money, making paper, making pearls People going crazy on this money like they ’bout to hurl Swaggie
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