How to Manage your Finances and Save Money, Tips on Financial Planning

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Thanks for watching! Every Wednesday, I upload new advice videos where I answer YOUR questions! Please leave a comment below with your questions and “Vote Up” others that resonate with you. EXAMPLE EXCEL SPREADSHEET WITH DUMMY NUMBERS: Thanks to jlamsz for the question, “Hi Justin, I’ve got a question that you could hopefully answer (: Coming to the middle of my course and graduating in about a year and a bit, I need to start thinking about financial planning and how I should save up for my future family, investments and just to have a better life in general. How did you go about doing that at the beginning and how have you kept up with it in what you’re doing now?” It would mean so much to me if you subscribed to my wife’s channels: Also please subscribe to me! =) Music: “Fugue 2″ by Nick & Justin (myself). I own the rights. Purchase: Disclaimer: I am not a counselor or licensed therapist, I am simply providing advice as a friend would. Please seek professional help should your situation require it.

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