How to Fire Your Banker and Become Your Own Financing Source

| September 13, 2012 | 0 Comments This video is very different from the kind you typically see out there. BankOnYourself (http wanted to find an entertaining way to explain how you can fire your banker, finance and credit card companies and become your own source of financing. This video reveals a little known way to pay for major purchases — like a car, vacations, business equipment and even a college education — that’s even better than directly paying cash! The average family could increase their lifetime wealth by hundreds of thousands of dollars, just by making this simple tweak to the way they make major purchases. So, enjoy the video and then request a FREE Analysis that will show you how much more money you could have when you become your own financing source — without taking on the risk volatility of stocks, real estate and other traditional investments. Request your Analysis today at
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