david wilcock full interview of benjamin fulford 12-02-2011 – The End of Financial Tyranny

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David Wilcock interviews Benjamin Fulford 12-02-2011 *** Update 12-16-11: Fulford was NOT detained after this material was released (see his 12-15-11 interview with Sean David Morton on this channel). Wilcock believes his life is in danger, as he received a death threat on 12-14-11, over this information. Please download/mirror *** Full credit to David Wilcock and Ben Fulford… this is a mirror of David’s latest, most crucial & amazingly thorough Divine Cosmos audio blog where Ben is interviewed concerning the “Counterinsurgency Against the Old World Order”. David and Ben discuss the history leading up to the 117-nation alliance that’s working to free the Earth from Financial Tyranny. The interview also covers Plaintiff Neil Keenan’s 111-page federal complaint, stating that the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Office of International Treasury Control and the Italian government conspired with a host of others to steal more than .1 trillion in financial instruments intended to support humanitarian purposes. Mr. Keenan claims that he was entrusted in 2009 with the financial instruments — which included US Federal Reserve notes worth 4.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds with a combined face value of billion, and one US “Kennedy” bond with a face value of billion — by an entity called the Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families. Thanks to David, Ben & the WDS. Please see David’s site: divinecosmos.com
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