AMP Discovery – Helping Financial Planners and Advisers to maximise their careers

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AMP Discovery is the key contact point for financial planners and advisers when they’re considering the next step of their career. You may be an employed, qualified and experienced Planner or Adviser who’s interested in: – understanding the opportunities and requirements for starting your own business; or – exploring the range of other employed opportunities with one of our Practices. Alternatively you may already be a self-employed, Planner or Adviser who’s interested in: – understanding what we can do to help you achieve critical mass; or – looking at the support we can provide to help you maximise your business value. Understanding the structure of the AMP Group especially all the different licensees, their value propositions and offers can be very confusing and difficult. Finding someone to speak to is now easier than ever – it’s US in DISCOVERY. Contact us directly anytime at or 03 9622 5951. We’re currently building a website so we’ll add the link here once that comes online. You can also contact us personally via LinkedIn at: – Tim Van Leeuwen (Head of Discovery) – Libby Mitchell (National Recruitment Specialist)
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