George Osborne: Setback for green belt campaigners as Chancellor calls for ‘imaginative thinking’ on developments

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  • Chancellor says we ‘have to do a lot more and we have to do it faster’
  • Building on green belt as long as land is replaced by authorities

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07:27 EST, 2 September 2012


02:24 EST, 3 September 2012

Under fire: Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is calling for unity as he continues to try and address the economy

Under fire: Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is calling for unity as he continues to try and address the economy

Planning rules are to be torn up to
allow development on green belt land, a state-backed small business bank
created and £50billion poured into big infrastructure schemes in
emergency moves to kickstart the flatlining economy.

George Osborne will today unveil the first stage in an autumn offensive
that amounts to a relaunch of the Government’s growth strategy.

he will insist there can be no diversion from the ‘plan A’ of reducing
the massive budget deficit left by Labour, he concedes the Coalition
must go further and faster to stimulate the economy.

controversially, within the next few days the Government will publish a
new Economy Bill detailing another major deregulation of the planning

sources said ministers had decided to ‘reopen the fight’ over planning
changes, which have alarmed countryside campaigners, arguing Britain’s
economic plight is now more urgent than ever.

the Chancellor said he wanted to see more ‘imaginative’ thinking by
planning authorities to fast-track developments that would create jobs
and spending, including allowing building on previously protected land.

expected reforms include a cap on compensation payments for unfair
dismissal and changes to the rules governing workplace disputes in an
attempt to encourage firms to take on more workers.

In a significant boost for the small
firms that are the lifeblood of the economy, Mr Osborne revealed
yesterday that he is working on plans for a state-backed bank that will
offer them cheap credit.

Announcement: George Osborne signalled changes to planning laws today when he was interviewed by presenter Andrew Marr, right on the BBC! show

Announcement: George Osborne signalled changes to planning laws today when he was interviewed by presenter Andrew Marr, right on the BBC! show

as MPs return from their summer break, the Chancellor will publish
proposals to offer state guarantees and loans to help fund up to
£50billion worth of new power stations, railway lines, roads, housing
developments, flood defences and communications projects.

Osborne will say he intends to use record low borrowing costs for the
Government to encourage investment in big developments that will create

Government sources say red tape holding back developments – such as affordable housing targets – will be ripped up.

Osborne has urged critics to get behind the Government

the new legislation is to be fast-tracked so it can come into effect by
October, in an acknowledgement of the urgency of the problems facing
the economy.

Mr Osborne’s concerns were echoed by
the Prime Minister yesterday as he issued a strong response to demands
by Tory MP Tim Yeo to prove if he was a ‘man or a mouse’.

Cameron wrote in The Mail on Sunday: ‘A key part of recovery is
building the houses our people need, but a familiar cry goes up, “Yes,
we want more housing; but no to every development – and not in my back

‘The nations we’re competing against don’t stand for this kind of paralysis and neither must we.

‘I come back to Parliament more determined than ever to cut through the dither that holds this country back.’

Mr Cameron will seek to underscore the impression of a fresh start as he embarks on his first major Cabinet reshuffle tomorrow.

The shake-up is designed to repair
relations with the disaffected Tory Right, with promotions for figures
from the traditional wing of the party including Andrew Mitchell, Owen
Paterson and Chris Grayling.

The fresh reform of Britain’s
planning system has provoked alarm among some Cabinet ministers. Deputy
Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles are
among those warning it could provoke a public backlash.

Mr Pickles believes the Government
has already achieved most of its aims on planning with the new National
Planning Policy Framework, which slashed 1,000 pages of guidance to just

Shaun Spiers of
the Campaign to Protect Rural England said: ‘It is vital that the
Government ensures we have smart growth, which focuses investment and
development within existing urban areas, rather than permitting the
unnecessary loss of green belt.’

John Longworth of the British
Chambers of Commerce said: ‘We are heartened that the Chancellor and his
colleagues are actively considering our long-standing proposal for a
British business bank.’

poll lead, typically over ten points for several months, has been cut
by the Tories to six, a YouGov survey suggests. It put Labour on 41 per
cent, the Tories on 35 and the Lib Dems on 9.

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its on par with these wind farms, land owners making a fortune, as with green belt when classified as building development,the price rockets, giving again land owners a fortune, the only logical way to kick start the economy is to lower taxes, but then that leaves gideons mates out of pocket

As an “imaginative” worker would someone explain to me what this idiot is talking about? £50billion worth of new power stations, railway lines, roads, housing developments, flood defences and communications projects wont do anything to boost our exports. We need to concentrate on manufacturing to boost the export market not line the pockets of a few individuals. NO EXPORTS means NO RECOVERY I’m sure we can use up some of the existing infra-structure of factory space laid bare by the short term thinking of successive governments. We need REAL JOBS and to use labour effectively to compete in an open market, with most of the profits going back into re-investment, not into the pockets of that few individuals.

SPOILT BOY Osborne should try to the job he is paid for not ruin others like he is doing with the economy.

Here’s some imaginative thinking…. Imagine you were elected by the ‘people of Britain to represent the ‘people’ of Britain and not just the rich swine supping from the trough you keep filling.

A real Government would audit the land already in possession of greedy construction company’s and force the building on this resource first.

Let’s see the first people try and get planning permission in his or Cameron’s constituency close to where they live.

I give up these people are so detached from reality of normal living how on earth can building houses on protected green belt or rubber stamping all housing developments help our economy when we’ve got serious flooding problems caused by previous over development? No George, if you want growth cut taxes there is no other way

STOP letting so many IN, you won’t need so much housing!!!!!!!!!!! For goodness sake, use some common sense.

Madness that plays into corporate interests, no-one else’s! We already have hundreds of thousands of empty homes that need occupants. We should focus on getting absent owners to put those on the market. As others say, we also need sensible population controls. Sadly, this govt is almost as bad as New Lab. Both answer to the interests of their corporate masters, not the people. Only the global corporations want increased populations to put more upward pressure on energy, fuel food prices in what is already often described as rip-off UK! I hope people remember this come the next election.

I suspect some of the Conservative parties wealthy backers are about to become much wealthier ,as that agricultural green belt land they have been sitting on for years is about to become very , very valuable developement land .Thres a good boy Gideon , all those ” Chums ” in the shires will be so pleased .

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