Clutch of FTSE 100 bosses share another massive bonus pot

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Ruth Sunderland And Rupert Steiner

15:47 EST, 30 March 2012


15:47 EST, 30 March 2012

A clutch of FTSE 100 bosses recorded another golden payday with a potential £60m jackpot for Bart Becht, the former boss of Reckitt Benckiser, and multi-million-pound rewards for Xstrata chief Mick Davis, Sam Laidlaw of Centrica and the Pru’s Tidjane Thiam.

Becht, who took home £90m in 2010, was paid £4.1m for the period to September 2011, when he quit the consumer goods giant. However, if targets are hit he could make an additional £56.4m in previously awarded options and performance shares.

This is broken down by £10.5m of performance shares which were sold during the year, £20.6m in potential options calculated at yesterday’s closing price, and a further £25.8m in performance shares if targets are hit.


Former Reckitt Benckiser boss Bart Becht is in line for a bumper payout

Cleaning up: Former Reckitt boss Bart Becht is in line for a bumper payout

Reckitt has also more than quadrupled
the potential bonus payout for its senior team. It increased the
potential bonus reward for new chief executive Rakesh Kapoor, from 100pc
of base salary to a staggering 428 per cent. His base salary was
reduced from £1m to £800,000.

was also a bumper year for Mick ‘The Miner’ Davis, the chief executive
of Xstrata, who received pay, bonus and pension of £8.6m for 2011.

rewards included a housing allowance of £114,000 on his North London
home and nearly £300,000 for personal use of the corporate jet, along
with a £2.7m payment into his pension plan.

In addition to his pay package, he received a dividend of £628,000 on his £27m shareholding after Xstrata had a record year.

As well as his rewards for 2011, shares matured last year from a 2009 bonus plan worth £776,000 at today’s price.

February this year, deferred bonus shares from 2010 matured, worth just
under £1m, and he is in line for the same next year.  His long-term
incentives from 2010 are worth £247,367 and ones from 2003 and 2004 are
worth nearly £9.5m, taking the potential value to more than £20m.

boss Sam Laidlaw saw his basic package fall 36 per cent to £1.3m but it
could swell to a multi-year total of around £11m once
performance-linked share awards are included.

boss Tidjane Thiam received an extravagant £4.7m for last year,
including a basic salary of £900,000, a bonus of £1.57m split between
cash and shares, and a long-term shares award worth £1.9m, which he is
now eligible to cash in.

the Square Mile at Aviva, chief executive Andrew Moss netted a £909,900
windfall by selling shares from an incentive scheme that dated back to

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