Take a Look at Secured and Unsecured Business Credit Card

| July 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Take a Look at Secured and Unsecured Business Credit Card

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Home Page > Business > Small Business > Take a Look at Secured and Unsecured Business Credit Card

Take a Look at Secured and Unsecured Business Credit Card

Posted: Sep 24, 2010 |Comments: 0


Having good credit history is certainly an advantage when applying for new credit. The same thing is true for business owners who want to obtain a business credit card. There are actually two types of credit cards for business – Secured and Unsecured Business Credit Card. In this post, we will discuss what each of these business credit cards have to offer and how you can choose the right one for you.

The Non-secured Small Business Credit Card

Any small business with good personal credit can easily get approved for a business credit card. Even if you have just started up your company and have yet to build business credit, getting approved should not be a problem. In fact, using a business credit card is a great way to build your corporate credit as long as you pay your balances on time.

The Secured Small Business Credit Card

Secured business credit card issuers do not grant approval based upon the applicant’s credit rating. Nevertheless, this type of account does require the submission of cash deposit. The value of your security deposit will also determine the value of your credit line. Through this arrangement, the bank or issuer gets some assurance that funds are readily available in case you fail to keep up with your payments.


The great thing about secured business credit cards is that they can be used to rebuild your bad credit. How? Through regular use of the credit card and timely payments, an entrepreneur can surely rebuild his/her personal credit rating while building good business credit at the same time. It will usually take just a few months to a year to improve bad credit, depending on how bad the damage is.

Things to Remember About Credit Cards

Which is business credit card is for you? Obviously, if you have no problem with your personal or business credit history, you should look for a business credit card that offers the best deal. On the other hand, if you have imperfect personal or business credit, acquiring a secured credit card will give you the break you need. Regardless of what type of business credit card you use, you must follow these simple tips for cardholders:

Choose credit cards that report to business credit trackers. Indeed, not all credit cards for business available in the market provide credit reporting to the business credit bureaus. You must make sure that this provision is included before signing up for a business credit card.

Choose a credit card that matches your business. Consider carefully your financing needs as a business and look for a credit card that can provide you with the assistance and services you need. If you want a reward business credit card, see to it that the program is easy to follow.

Pay attention to payment schedules. Never underestimate the importance of paying on time. There are many advantages to being a prompt payer such as not getting penalized with fees, reducing the risk of debt build-up, and maintaining good business credit.

Use your business credit card for business only. Fight the temptation to use your business credit line for your personal whims as this can easily lead to problems. Always keep your personal and business finances separate from each other.

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Pamela Williams
About the Author:

Pamela Williams is a Loan Consultant, Internet Marketer, Writer and owner of BusinessCreditCardSite.com, a finance company Las Vegas Nevada providing support for businesses all across the US particularly with obtaining business credit cards. Visit www.BusinessCreditCardSite.com

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A business credit card debt was reported in my Personal Credit report as a O-9 (COLLECTION).Can a business debt that was open under my EIN be reported in my personal credit report? How can I remove it
Does citibank have a secured credit card ?
I just read that credit card interest is tax deductible as a business expenses for businesses, contractors, self-employed. Is this true for 2010?

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Pamela Williams is a Loan Consultant, Internet Marketer, Writer and owner of BusinessCreditCardSite.com, a finance company Las Vegas Nevada providing support for businesses all across the US particularly with obtaining business credit cards. Visit www.BusinessCreditCardSite.com

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