Business Credit Card Offers – Things To Consider

| July 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

Business Credit Card Offers – Things To Consider

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Home Page > Finance > Business Credit Card Offers – Things To Consider

Business Credit Card Offers – Things To Consider

Posted: Jan 16, 2011 |


Business Credit Card Offers – Things To Consider

Sometimes it is overwhelming to calculate business expenses, especially if you are a new business owner. But today’s business owners know that there are convenient and flexible approaches in dealing with their expenses, and one of these modern approaches is through business credit cards.

You will be able to save time in tracking your expenses, such as necessary purchases for your company, with the use of these cards. However, prior to your credit card application, you need to consider a number of factors that will help your company over time. Credit card offers are just among the many enticing techniques that most card companies use.

Business credit card offers generally vary from one credit card provider to another. And like other services, you need to know if there is any catch. Numerous business credit card offers include rewards of various types such as gasoline rewards, frequent flier miles, purchase points, loanable credits, fixed-rate cash credits and others. It is possible that these rewards may have hidden charges or fees connected to the interest rate. So be very mindful of rewards offers and always read their terms and conditions.

One other factor to consider is your business’ specific needs. With many business credit card offers, you should look for one or a few that will complement your business. It is possible to get multiple offers from only one card, so it’s best to stick to only one credit card for easier management of payables.

Offers such as credit transfers can be enticing, so many business owners fall for this trick of changing one credit card to another. However, you need to consider the terms as well as any finance charges that go with the credit transfer facility. Some cards may require you to pay up some fees as well as add up a percentage on your interest rate. Verify the offer’s catch by knowing the terms and conditions.

It’s possible to get persuaded when there are many business credit card offers available. But still, it’s your business that matters above all. As much as possible, try not to be persuaded right away by various business credit card offers that you see. It is best that you concentrate on offers that will give your business the advantages as time goes .

Tips To Help You Select The Right Business Credit Card For Your Company

There are lots of credit card companies out there that offer business credit cards with attractive features. A study of these companies shows that utilizing such cards is beneficial for business owners in many ways.

One of the most noticeable benefits that you can get from a business credit card is low APR or yearly percent rate, that can start at approximately 8%. Standard business credit cards may also have 0% APR for the initial one-year term.

Another benefit is that you can possibly get a number of rewards. You may get frequent flyer miles, 50% to zero annual fee for the first year of subscription, or rewards points, among others. You may use the rewards to reduce your credit balances or your bills, or depending on your company’s current needs. You simply need to look for an ideal card that will match your business’ requirements.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right business credit card:

Aside from rewards and benefits, you should also look for a card that offers low interest rate. This can help you pay small interest charges in case you have a loan or credit.

Many credit card companies offer no spending limits to business owners. You will appreciate this facility because there are no purchase limits. You can ask to the credit card company that you are dealing with if they offer this facility, if not, you should search for other companies that do.

You may also look for a credit card company that provides flexible pay back. This allows you to pay your balances without worrying too much on your interest and other fees. This feature may also be in the form of flexi-payment programs like loans with low interest charges, convertible regular credits into loans, and such.

It is also possible to get expense reports generated by business credit cards. These reports can help you in keeping your company’s expenses on the right track . You may also have the benefit of having group rate discounts which can be further passed on as employer benefits.

You need to evaluate different cards and their features to help you get the ideal one that will work best for your company. No need to rush in searching for the right business credit card because you’ll need all the benefits you can get according to your business’ needs. Check on the APR, facilities, features, rewards and other offers.

Spend some time in searching for the right credit card for your business because you will definitely benefit from it over time. And always communicate with the card company to get the latest updates that you can apply for your business.

Tips To Help You Manage Small Business Credit Cards

If you own a small business, you’ll generally need a stable financial back-up for expenses and other payables. While your business grows, you will surely need other sources to fund your bills and purchases. This is when you have to take a look at small business credit cards.

Having small business credit cards will also need you to become mindful of your utilization. It is easy to get a credit card for any use – may it be for your personal use or for your business. It’s also quite easy to use whenever you need to spend on something; but like many folks, you might fall into a financial debt trap and get stuck with it for a long period of time.

Managing your credit card is not that difficult especially when your business priorities come first. Here are some tips to help you out:

Apply locally for small business credit cards – You should consider applying from your existing bank since your relationship with can help in the approval process. Having an established business relationship with a local bank is crucial especially when you need to apply for a credit card loan or when you need a line of credit.

Steer clear of card hopping – Numerous individuals fall for this especially those who are just enticed by the deals and offers. It is difficult to manage multiple small business credit cards and it can also have negative impact on your credit score.

Make your payments online – You will find banks and credit card companies that permit subscribers to pay on the net. This is an extremely convenient facility that ties up your current bank with your credit card company by allowing transactions via internet. It is also more beneficial if your small business credit card is owned by your current bank.

Avoid cash advance – Cash advance is just a credit in the form of cash and not purchases. The same terms apply but it is also possible to get higher interest rates. The same terms apply; however, it is also possible to obtain higher interest rates. Only use the cash advance feature for emergency purposes and such.

Avoid making late payments – There are charges such as late fees and higher interest rates when you make late payments . Always pay your dues on or before the due date to prevent the extra fees. You can save a lot of cash if you pay on time.

Small business credit cards are like any financial tools that you can use in improving and maintaining your business. Appropriate management and usage are essential to keep your financial situation in order and your company in good condition.

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You many also want to check with a bank that you have an existing bank checking account. They tend to give their customers better deals.

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A business credit card debt was reported in my Personal Credit report as a O-9 (COLLECTION).Can a business debt that was open under my EIN be reported in my personal credit report? How can I remove it
I just read that credit card interest is tax deductible as a business expenses for businesses, contractors, self-employed. Is this true for 2010?
I want to know why I have had two charges for around $90 each charged to my credit card. I only ordered and agreed to a trial offer which I received and was charged $3.87. CANCEL ASAP!!!!!

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You many also want to check with a bank that you have an existing bank checking account. They tend to give their customers better deals.

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